What is Derby-Pie®?

Derby-Pie® is a chocolate nut pie baked exclusively by Kern's Kitchen. The pie has been made with the same secret recipe for over 65 years. Semi-sweet chocolate and California walnuts are baked into a light, flaky crust.

How should I serve Derby-Pie®?

We recommend slicing the pie frozen. Oven warming at 350 degrees for about 16 minutes.

Why is Derby-Pie® trademarked?

Visit our Trademark page here.

How long has Kern's Kitchen been baking Derby-Pie®?

Walter, Leaudra, and George Kern first developed the Derby-Pie® recipe in 1954. They were managing a restaurant called the Melrose Inn, in Prospect, Kentucky and wanted a signature dessert for the restaurant. Through many trials, the chocolate nut pie now known as Derby-Pie® was born.

How was Derby-Pie® named?

The family members couldn't agree on what to call their creation. One evening in the front dining room of the Melrose Inn, the family members all put their favorite names into a hat...out drawn was 'derby pie'.

Is it really a secret recipe?

YES! J.B. our Production Manager is only the 2nd person outside the family in 65 years to know the recipe. He alone mixes the recipe for every single pie baked in our kitchen. All mixing is done behind a curtain to ensure the secret remains. All employees, even if they don't know the recipe, are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

How many people does one pie serve?

Our pies are 9". The pies are not pre-sliced but we recommend 8 servings per pie.

What is the shelf life?

Our pies come with a printed best by date on the box. This frozen best by date is 180 days, roughly 6 months, from the bake date. We recommend enjoying the pie prior to the best by date. Refrigerated - within 6 weeks Room Temperature - within 6 days

Do you ship?

Yes! Please visit our Buy Pie page and we'd be glad to take care of you.

I received my pie and it's thawed, is that okay?

It depends. Was it sitting on the porch for days in the hot sun? Probably not. Please reference the shelf life question above.

Is Kern's Kitchen open to the public?

Not at this time.

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