3 Crowd-Pleasing Derby-Pie® Milkshake Recipes

To some, it’s something they’ve never experienced because it disappears as soon as it’s pulled from the oven. To others, it’s a challenge to find new and exciting ways to eat the same dessert multiple days in a row. Whether you eat it all the first night or save it for later, Kern’s Kitchen doesn’t mind either way as long as your fork is holding a bite of our famous Derby-Pie® chocolate nut pie.

How to Bake the Perfect Pie – and Save Some for Later!

Here at Kern’s Kitchen, home of the Derby-Pie® chocolate nut pie, we don’t just sell pies – we champion the home baker as well. Keeping your ingredients cold and not being too handsy with the dough are great ways to ensure flaky, delicious homemade pies, but the most crucial step is knowing when your pie is ready to vacate the oven. Neither undercooking nor overcooking are recommended, so how do you make sure you find that Goldilocks temperature that’s just right?   First, get to know your oven’s quirks. No oven is the same, so baking times will vary depending...

5 Louisville Stops on the Derby-Pie® Trail

At more than 25 restaurant locations across the Bluegrass State, diners can pick up a spoon and dig in for a bite of Kern’s Kitchen’s Derby-Pie® chocolate nut pie. The beloved confection is Kentucky’s most treasured dessert and, as the name might suggest, is the official pie of the Kentucky Derby Festival – a partnership that has been going strong since 1990.   Kentucky is one of the most scenic, culturally rich states in the United States…though we might be a little biased. One of the state’s top destinations for tourism, especially food and bourbon tourism, is Kern’s very own...

6 Cooking Tips – and a Little Louisville History – from the Pie Guy

When deciding what to write for our inaugural Kern’s Kitchen blog post, I thought about what a rich (dessert pun intended) culinary history Louisville, Kentucky has. Our hometown is the birthplace of our very own famous Derby-Pie® chocolate nut pie, Benedictine spread, and – as many claim – the cheeseburger. Another famous dish from these parts is the Hot Brown sandwich, straight from the kitchen at the historic Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville.


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