3 Kern’s Kitchen Desserts Sure to Please Everybody

Here at Kern’s Kitchen, we’re pretty well known for our Derby-Pie® chocolate nut pie – and for good reason. For nearly 70 years, our signature treat has been at the center of sweet times shared by families and friends at holiday tables, birthdays and more. But did you know that Derby-Pie® isn’t the only offering we have at Kern’s Kitchen? In addition to our beloved specialty, we also carry the Derby-Pie® chocolate nut tart and a classic Golden Pecan Pie.


Which one is right for you? Let’s take a bite out of each…


Derby-Pie® Chocolate Nut Pie

You know it. You love it. You’ve always loved it. This is what put us on the map. The Derby-Pie® chocolate nut pie, created by our founders Walter and Leaudra Kern in 1954, is a decadent confection homemade every day in Louisville, Kentucky. Made from premium chocolate and hand-selected walnuts, this pie has a delicate crust and rich filling that has tickled the taste buds of our fans for decades.


If you’ve never tried one, we recommend choosing a Derby-Pie® chocolate nut pie if you want to impress your guests with something unlike anything they’ve ever tasted. We promise that this pie will please any crowd. Or, have one all to yourself – no judgements here!


Derby-Pie® Chocolate Nut Tart

So, there isn’t much we can say about this Derby-Pie® chocolate nut tart that hasn’t been said already about the pie…because it’s the same great product, only smaller! Made with the same secret recipe, these tarts are small versions of our flagship pie that can be used in a variety of ways, and each box comes with four miniature tarts.

Imagine attending a dinner party or sitting down to enjoy a cup of after-Thanksgiving dinner coffee and a slice of pie, but instead of slices, everyone has their very own mini-pie! These tarts are sure to please and will make a lasting impression on dessert lovers everywhere.


Golden Pecan Pie

Sometimes, you just need to revisit the classics. Kern’s Kitchen’s Golden Pecan Pie takes the Southern staple and elevates it to new levels in ways that only Kern’s Kitchen can. We take premium, hand-selected pecans and flash bake them to give them an invigorating crunchiness, and then settle them down onto a silky, custardy filling infused with real vanilla. This all inside the delicate, airy crust that we’re known for.


We recommend this pie if you’ve got folks who you’re trying to feed who don’t like chocolate. We’ve never met one of these people, but hear they exist. This is also a great option to serve alongside the Derby-Pie® chocolate nut pie or tarts for those at your table who might be a little more traditionalist when it comes to their desserts.


Hungry yet? Visit our online store – we’ll ship Kern’s Derby-Pie®, Derby-Pie® tarts and the Golden Pecan Pie right to your door. Or, use our location tool to find a restaurant or retail store near you that carries Kern’s Kitchen products!