What's in a name? Everything.
Learn why our trademark is

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Why does Derby-Pie® have a registered trademark?
It's our way of assuring the satisfaction of our customers. There's only one Derby-Pie®. When you see the name Derby-Pie® and the registered trademark symbol, you know you're getting the pie produced exclusively by Kern's Kitchen with the quality ingredients and special taste you expect.

What exactly is a trademark?
According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, trademarks are words, names, symbols, devices and/or images applied to products, goods or services to identify their source.

What does a trademark do?
A trademark clearly identifies an original or distinctive product. It protects the maker's rights, and also protects consumers by guaranteeing that the product you purchase is the genuine article.

Why does Kern's Kitchen go to court to protect the Derby-Pie® trademark?
Our business and reputation rest on our secret recipe and the Brand name Derby-Pie®, which we've used for over half a century. Protecting our trademark means protecting our reputation and the integrity of our product. So although we prefer to settle differences amicably, we will resort to litigation if necessary.

What about the information and photos on this website?
All images and information on this website are contained within our online Media/Press kit are the property of Kern's Kitchen, Inc., and may be used only with granted permission for articles, publicity or advertising relating to Kern's Kitchen and/or Derby-Pie®.  

For more information about trademarks and trademark infringement please visit the following websites:

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For Chefs/Restauranteurs

Derby-Pie® chocolate nut pie is a treasured  tradition for many families. By offering it, your restaurant becomes part of that heritage. While the recipe is ours alone, many chefs have their own serving techniques that allow them to put their own special touches on the presentation and complement the flavors in a way that expresses their unique style and brand. 


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